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Benefits of Multi-Inflation Points

Benefits of Multi-Inflation Points

At Vango, we are proud of our innovations and the time that we have spent engineering and refining our AirBeam® technology. 16 years of development and 519 prototypes, before we were happy to launch our first collection of pioneering inflatable tents.

In 2011, we launched our first range of AirBeam® inflatable tents. By using inflatable tubes instead of poles, large family tents can now be easily pitched by one person in a matter of minutes. In 2013, we rolled our AirBeam® technology into a range of drive away awnings. Offering rapid pitch and multiple fitting options, the Vango AirAway® range has proved hugely popular with campervan and motorhome owners alike. Then, a year later we developed a range of AirAwnings® for caravans. The inflatable awnings allow caravan owners to enjoy all the benefits that the AirBeam® technology offers; Vango AirAwnings® are quick and easy to pitch as well as being simple to fit. Built with premium components and fully featured, the AirAwnings® are a fantastic addition to every caravan holiday.

Over the years, we have continued to develop our AirBeam® technology and continued to use multi-inflation in the majority of our tent and awning ranges. One major benefit of multi-inflation is that makes life simple, you insert your pump into the AirSpeed® valve and inflate each beam. We like to keep things as easy as possible for you, therefore all our valves are on the outside of the beams and at a convenient height, therefore you don’t need to go into your tent or awning to deflate. We want to ensure your peace of mind and therefore in the unlikely circumstance where you do get a leak, it is fast to fix. You don’t have to fuss you just replace the beam. To find out more watch the video below which demonstrates this.



We work with our retailers across the country so that if you require immediate assistance with your tent or awning and are unable to get in touch with the retailer you bought the tent or awning from, you can get in touch with one of our AirBeam® Service Centres. These centres will be able to assist the best they can in any emergency, so if you are on holiday and accidentally burst an AirBeam® - there is help near you!

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