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Cooking in the Wilderness with Trangia

Cooking in the Wilderness with Trangia

It is often thought that cooking a great meal to compete with a Sunday roast, in the great outdoors, is an impossible task. Most will settle for a tin of beans or some plain pasta on their adventures. However, there are many exciting and inventive ways to cook an appetising meal in the great outdoors.

Firstly, you must ensure you have the right equipment to aid your cookery skills. Trangia stove systems are great for group cooking and incredibly simple to use. There are a multitude of varieties of the stove allowing you to use an ultralight Trangia Triangle for 1 man expeditions through to a full stove system to cook for a large group in a camp site. The simplicity of the stove means it is extremely easy to use and stable, even on uneven ground. The whole system packs away into the windshield and pan, and is light and quick to assemble leaving more time to work your culinary magic and enjoy your meal.

All Trangia systems come with a built-in windshield, meaning a windy day up on a hill won’t hinder you having a warm meal, just turn the whole system to/from the wind to adjust the airflow through the windshields allowing the holes in the bottom section to let air through without dampening the flame.

The wide base and enclosed flame create a stable and safe platform for cooking while shielding the burner from any gusts of wind giving you a consistently strong flame regardless of the conditions.

Once your Trangia is set up and burning, all you need to do is decide what to cook on it. The possibilities are endless but we have included a few of our favourite recipes below to spark your imagination.

A great recipe for cooking on the hill is some delicious Breakfast Scramble which is perfect for any time of day. You will need 1 egg for every member of your excursion, an onion, green pepper, mushrooms, bacon and grated cheese.

Make cooking even easier by prepping your ingredients before you leave. Whisk up your eggs and keep the mixture stored in a sealed bottle. Placing some cling film over the top of the bottle before securing the lid will prevent any unwanted leaks into your bag. You can also chop all the vegetables and cook the meat the night before you leave for the expedition then put them in sealable freezer bags. Keep all of your ingredients fresh and cool until you need them by storing them in a plastic container with a cool pad while hiking.

When you are ready to cook, build and light your Trangia by adding the burner to the lower windshield and add your fuel (which you can then light if it is not windy). Then simply sit the upper windshield over the lower one and twist so that it engages. You are now ready to cook.

Using one of the pots from the Trangia Stove, cook the bacon and add the vegetables until they are hot right through. Then, give your eggs a good shake in the bottle and add them to the same pot along with the cheese. Stir this through until is beautifully fluffy; sit down, relax and enjoy your meal while planning another exciting day’s adventures.

Once you have enjoyed your meal and everything is clean and cool twist the upper windshield until it lifts off and replace the cap securely on the burner of your Trangia; this can then be stored back in the yellow plastic bag to stop any loose fuel tarnishing the stove or becoming a hazard. The stove components should then pack back away inside the windshield and pan which can be secured together with the provided strap.

This is only one of the thousands of recipes that are out there for you to cook whilst on any adventure. The Trangia cook system looks to bridge that gap between campsite and kitchen; if you have enough creativity and resourcefulness, you are limited only by your imagination and the recipes that you can cook up in your head. Why not try chocolate crepes for desert or a warm soup with fresh water from the river or maybe even go Mexican with fajitas!

Be sure to leave no trace; ensure you have collected any rubbish or cleared up any fuel that has been spilt, your camp site should look as though you were never there. This will protect the beautifully landscape and wildlife from any unwanted problems.

Here are a few more of our favourite recipes for on-the-hill cooking let us know what your favourites are on our social media pages!

Campsite Soup


  1. Seasoning: A big pinch of salt & pepper, plus one chicken, ham, beef or vegetable stock cube.
  2. Veg: Carrot (grated), sweet or normal potato (chopped into small cubes), courgette, aubergine, tomato (chopped), peppers, mushroom, squash or onion.
  3. Pasta: Penne, Fusilli, Farfalle (this one’s our fav!), or macaroni

Prep your ingredients before you leave for a delicious warm soup that is quick and easy to make on the hill; perfect for chilly nights or long days. For this recipe, you will need 3 main components which means you can get creative and swap items for ones that you like. We suggest that you choose one stock cube, 2-3 pieces of veg and one type of pasta (a small handful should be plenty).

The Prep: Add your seasoning together in a freezer bag and seal. Chop up your chosen vegetables and seal them in a freezer bag. Then add both of these, a handful of pasta and a cool pack into a sealable box to pack in your rucksack. A good tip is to pack this in the middle of your rucksack away from your body heat and external sunshine.

At Camp: When you arrive, boil a pot of water and add all of your ingredients (seasoning, pasta and veg), cover the pot with the pan and simmer for 10-15min, you can add extra water if required. you can use nearly any vegetables that you like for this soup but we love using a ham stock cube, penne pasta and whatever veg is in season for a really fresh taste. The pasta helps fuel you on your adventure and keeps you nice and full until your next stop.

This recipe is also easy to split into camp mugs at lunch time or expanded for larger groups at dinner. Just bring a billy can or large pot instead of a small pot, increase your pasta and seasoning per person and take one piece of veg per person. Bread or crackers also make a great accompaniment to the meal too if you are extra hungry.


Mexican Fajitas


  1. Wraps
  2. Fajita seasoning
  3. Chicken or other meat chopped into strips
  4. Chopped Veg: peppers, onion, mushrooms
  5. Cheese

The Prep: Chop your veg and chicken then pop them in separate freezer bags until you need them. Grate your choice of cheese and add this to another freezer bag then pack all of this plus your wraps and seasoning into a sealable box with a cool pad. If you don’t have a cool pad to pack, we reckon its good practice to cook off your meat before you leave encase it gets warm!

At Camp: Cook or heat your chicken and veg in a pot and add the seasoning. Stir the seasoning through thoroughly until the mix is completely cooked through then remove from the stove. Use the pan to heat the wraps a little then add your mixture and cheese to taste then wrap it up and devour!


Chocolate Crepes


  1. Pre-mixed pancake mix
  2. Water (or milk if you prefer)
  3. Toppings: try chocolate spread, sugar, lemon juice, marshmallows, chocolate buttons

                           i.          (You could even try a savoury version and add ham, cheese and tomato!)


At Camp: Take one pre-packaged crepe mixture and mix with water in a Trangia pot until you get a nice smooth consistency that is still quite runny. A good way to mix this at camp is to use a water bottle and shake the mixture and water together.

Pop your Trangia pan over the heat until it is hot and add your mixture until the base is covered. When there are lots of bubbles appearing on the top, run your spork around the edges and flip the crepe over to cook the other side. If you are using a non-stick Trangia make sure that you use a plastic utensil so as not to scratch the coating (it might be helpful to use 2 sporks or the handle to stabilise as you flip).

Once the other side of the crepe is cooking add chocolate spread and marshmallows; you can even add some banana as one of your 5 a day! Fold your crepe in half and it’s ready to eat. You can add all sorts of things, we love pear and chocolate sauce or even chocolate spread and smarties if you have a real sweet tooth :)

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