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Vango's Favourite Night Time Games from 'Camping with Kids' Book

Vango's Favourite Night Time Games from 'Camping with Kids' Book

After an adventurous day out, spend some quality time with the kids by playing fun games inside or even outside your tent depending on the weather. Set up a lantern and make a generous mug of hot chocolate to start off your night of games!


Forehead detective!

All you need is a pack of sticky notes and a pen! Simply get each member of the family to write down the name of a famous, real or fictitious person on the sticky note and pass it to another player facing down so that no one can see the names. Everyone then sticks their note on their forehead and has the chance to ask as many questions as possible until they know who they are! The winner is then decided by who has asked the least amount of questions.

We love the idea of this game not only for families, but for groups of friends relaxing in the tent at night or round the campfire. Why not add in marshmallows or chocolate for the winners?

'Camping with Kids' Book Page 142 – No. 185


Pictured: Stanford 800XLInflatable Chair

Make a collage!

Do you always see fascinating shells, stones or flowers during your day time expeditions? Simon has come up with a great way to use these bits n bobs by creating an imaginative collage using a large sheet of paper and glue or tape. Simply collect your favourite materials throughout the day and stick them down to create the landscape out the front of your tent or even a 3D map of the campsite!

This is a great way to pass time either at night to relax or during the day if the weather has gotten you down. Camping with Kids has an abundance of ideas to make use of the natural materials around you!

'Camping with Kids' Book Page 148 – No. 203



Pictured: Claremont 800XL

Vango’s night time tip!

After a packed day of excursions, activities and exercise, sometimes its nice to sit back and relax with a hot chocolate and talk about the days ahead! Our Rocket Bluetooth lantern is the perfect addition for when you want to have some well-deserved chill time after a long day, allowing you to play your favourite music and maybe have some friends round to join you? Simply connect your phone to the lantern and enjoy the music while having a warm light inside your tent or awning.

Find out all of the great activities in 'Camping with Kids' by purchasing the book HERE!

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