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Vango Spare Storm Straps 3.5m for DriveAway Awnings

Strong and robust straps provide more secure guying at the front of your awning to enhance stability in high winds.
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Availability date: 02-08-2021

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Suitable for the following:

  • Kela V Air Low
  • Kela V Air Std
  • Kela V Air Tall
  • Galli III Air Low
  • Galli III Air RSV Low
  • Galli III Air Tall
  • Kela Air TC Low
  • Galli Air TC Low
  • AirBeam Sky Canopy for Caravan & Motorhomes 2.5M
  • AirBeam Sky Canopy for Caravan & Motorhomes 3.5M
  • Jura Air Tall


Weight 0.6kg
Packsize L25.0 x H3.0 x W15.0cm