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Rucksack Range

Vango rucksacks, day sacks, dry bags and luggage systems are designed to let you comfortably carry your essentials wherever you want to take them. It's all about the journey, and having the right bag for the journey. The right pack will make travelling a breeze. The collection of Vango Rucksacks and Luggage are designed to go over mountains, on the trail, through the airport, even white water!

  • Make more of rainy days with the Vango Rain Cover, providing a lightweight protection barrier from the elements to keep your rucksack and personal belongings dry wherever you are. This cover is suitable for all 25 to...

  • The key to a successful trip is being organised, that's why we have designed the Mesh Bag Set. A variety of colours enables you to locate them easily in your bag whilst the different sizes allows simple...

  • Ideal for keeping damp equipment separate from your dry clothes and personal belongings, whether you're kayaking or trekking in wet weather. The Dry Bag closure system effectively seals the bag from any...

Rucksack Range

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