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Compact and lightweight stoves for hiking and camping. Combine the Ultralight Heat Exchanger Cook Kit with the Atom stove for a super lightweight cook and eat solution.
  • Made with changeable British weather in mind, the Vango Folding Stove with windshield and Piezo will hold up to anything you throw at it. The ultra-wide flame spreader with the added protection of the windshield...

  • For longer expeditions and larger pots, the folding gas stove is perfect. With a wider flame ensuring your food can be cooked quickly and more evenly, you'll be sure to have a delicious warm meal after a long...

  • New for 2020 this innovative design establishes the Atom Stove as the smallest and lightest in our range, whilst being powerful, easy to store, transport and cook with.

  • Compact, light and easy to use; the compact gas stove is perfect for your smaller expeditions. Featuring fold-out pot support and baffles reducing the effect of wind on the flame, it's capable of boiling 1 litre...

  • The Windshield XL offers much-needed protection for your backpacking stove from the wind, whether you're on the hill, at the campsite or relaxing at the beach. Suitable for all stoves in the Vango range.

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