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How does a Vango Drive Away Awning attach to my van?

How does a Vango Drive Away Awning attach to my van?

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How does a Vango Drive Away Awning attach to my van?

Honestly it's simple!  There are 4 different ways to attach a Vango DriveAway awning to your van, each are pretty each to do and mean that you can still detach your awning and use your vehicle

1 - 6mm Kador Strip

The most common attachment is the 6mm kador strip that is pre-attached to all Vango DriveAway awnings. This connection requires a rail/awning channel to be fitted to the side of your van, this provides the best seal on the top of your van to your awning. This is most commonly used in conjunction with a drive-away kit.

2 - Pole & Clamp Kit

A pole & clamp system can be bought separately and is used with a deep gutter on the vehicle. Slide the pole into the sleeve, at the top of the rear section of the AirAway®. Place the pole and fabric into the gutter of the vehicle, and use the clamp to secure at both ends and in the centre.

3 - Hook and Loop Tabs

If you have roof bars on your vehicle, you can attach the awning to your vehicle through the hook and loop tabs that are pre-sewn in to the top of your DriveAway awning.

4 - Webbing Straps

If you don’t already have an attachment point on your vehicle, don’t panic, as webbing straps can be used! The webbing straps are supplied with the awning and can be clipped onto the buckles on the rear of the AirAway® roof. The straps can then be passed over the roof of the vehicle and pegged into the ground. It is also important to adjust the straps to fully tension the roof of the awning.

Then you just have to peg out your awning, blow up your AirBeams and ajust it to ensure you have a snug fit to your van.