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Vango Family Windbreak
Vango Family Windbreak
Vango Family Windbreak
Vango Family Windbreak
Vango Family Windbreak
Vango Family Windbreak

Vango Family Windbreak

El Vango Family Windbreak proporciona un escudo contra los elementos en el camping o la playa.
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  • Tejidos ignífugos - cumple con la norma de seguridad Europea EN5912
  • Suministrado con bolsa de transporte – Se dobla para convertirse en una bolsa pequeña y conveniente para transportar.
  • Postes de Acero Power Plus. Los postes de acero se utilizan para dar máxima fuerza y estabilidad a nuestras tiendas de túnel.
  • Guylines de alta visibilidad para evitar tropiezos.
  • Sentinel Active Plus-Sentinel Active Plus es resistente y contra agua hasta una clasificación de 4.000 mm HH, garantizando una gran calidad y rendimiento con tamaños de envase compactos.


Total Weight2.5kg
PacksizeL52.0 x H10.0 x W10.0cm
FabricSentinel Active
Replacement Main Pole 1 Code Part No - SP013 ,  Colour - Black,  Quantity - 4,  


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Sentinel Active

When pack size and weight are the key influence in choosing your tent, our specifically designed Sentinel Active fabric will surpass your needs. Sentinel Active is strong, waterproof to a 3000mm HH rating, ensuring great quality and performance, coupled with a compact pack size.

Lightweight | Compact pack size | strong and fully waterproof | 3000mm HH

  1. 3000mm HH waterproof and easily cleaned
  2. fully factory taped seam for complete peace of mind from weather ingress
  3. 70D polyester fabric - Highly waterproof, durable and reliable fabric.
  4. fire retardant meets ISO5912* standards
  5. UPF30 ** UV protection factor

*iso5912 - All Vango tents are designed to the stringent international standards of ISO5912, which specifies requirements on safety, performance, rain resistance and fitness for use.

**UPF - A rating system used for clothing and fabrics that protect you from the sun.

Fabric Overview