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Vango Vista Cinema Screen
Vango Vista Cinema Screen

Vango Vista Cinema Screen

Nuestra nueva pantalla de cine Vango Vista cambia las reglas del juego en sus actividades habituales de campamento. Su tamaño compacto lo hace ideal para llevarlo de vacaciones y se conecta fácilmente a las tiendas SkyTrack® de Vango o utilizando los conectores de dormitorio conmutados dentro de la tienda.
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  • 2-in-1 Design: Full Size and Half Size Screen - Maximum flexbility for use in every tent size. Large 120 x 160cm full size screen and compact 80 x 120cm half size screen
  • 4 Point Adjustable Webbing Anchors - Excellent tension on screen to iron out wrinkles and give maximum stability
  • Detachable Webbing Anchors - Easy to fold-up and move around
  • Flexible Polyester Screen - Crease-resistant, even after folding
  • Rear-Projection Ready - Position the projector behind the screen (i.e. in bedroom) for a larger seating area. Only applicable in full size
  • 0.9 Gain - Absorbs some ambient light whilst still reflecting the light from the projector. Gives a good image, even in daylight
  • 130 Degree Viewing Angle - Bright image from almost every seating position


Total Weight0.55kg
PacksizeL12.0 x H25.0 x W7.0cm


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