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Vango Florence Annex

Diseñado para ampliar el espacio de su toldo, el Montelena Annex permite añadir un dormitorio o espacio para almacenamiento adicional a ambos lados de su caravana. Un único AirBeam ® y la tela Sentinel Luxe aseguran una fácil instalación y un espacio lujoso. More >>
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  • Sentinel TenCate Residential hecho de fibras del poliester y PVA, con características de regulación de humedad para reducir la condensación. La capa microporosa de acrílico hace que la tela sea impermeable y resistente al paso de los años.
  • Tienda Interior obscura-tela más oscura que reduce la luz de la madrugada
  • Florence 420


Weight 9.2kg
Packsize L62.0 x H27.0 x W32.0cm
Length 230.0cm
Height 180.0cm
Width 160.0cm
Fabric Sentinel TenCate Residential


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Sentinel Tencate Residential

is made from polyester and PVA fibres, so that this fabric innovatively has moisture regulating properties. This means that condensation is reduced, very similar to the ability of cotton, whilst the microporous acrylic coating makes the fabric perfectly waterproof, very durable and weather-resistant.

all season residential | waterproof and durable | uv resistant | moisture regulating, reducing condensation

  1. Waterproof waterproof and easily cleaned
  2. UV resistant reduces degradation from the sun
  3. Polyester pva mixture 65/35 blend
  4. colour fast reduces fading from weather
  5. All season durable in all weather
  6. UPF50 ** UV protection factor
  7. Mildew resistant prevents build up of mould
  8. Moisture regulating adjusts temperature, prevents condensation

*iso5912 - All Vango tents are designed to the stringent international standards of ISO5912, which specifies requirements on safety, performance, rain resistance and fitness for use.

**UPF - A rating system used for clothing and fabrics that protect you from the sun.

Fabric Overview