Recommended Sleeping Bags

Prepare for a restful night's sleep during your Duke of Edinburgh's Award expeditions with Vango's thoughtfully curated range of DofE Recommended Sleeping Bags. Our collection is carefully selected to align with the specific requirements outlined by the DofE program, ensuring participants have reliable and high-quality sleeping bags for a comfortable outdoor experience.

Explore a diverse selection of Vango DofE Recommended Sleeping Bags, each chosen for its durability, insulation, and suitability for outdoor adventures. From compact and lightweight options for expeditions to cozy sleeping bags for base camps, our collection caters to the varied needs of participants in the DofE program.

Choose Vango for premium DofE Recommended Sleeping Bags, where quality meets the stringent standards of the DofE program. Our collection ensures you have the right sleeping bag to stay warm and comfortable throughout your Duke of Edinburgh's Award journey. Trust in Vango for top-notch sleeping bags that provide the restful sleep you need for a successful outdoor adventure.

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Zenith 75

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