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Vango Family Shelter

The Vango Family Shelter, is a large tarp designed to fit over the front of any Vango Family Poled or AirBeam® tent, creating a canopy. Offering great flexibility of use, with multiple eyelets and one king pole, the Vango Family Shelter provides additional covered space, ideal for cooking, dining or socialising.
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Availability date: 08-11-2021

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  • King Pole - Supplied with one adjustable steel King Pole
  • Fire Retardant Fabrics - Meets European EN5912 safety standard
  • Fully Taped Seams - All flysheet seams are factory taped, which provides a watertight seal
  • Sentinel Active Fabric - When pack size and weight are the key influence in choosing your tent, our specifically designed Sentinel Active fabric will surpass your needs. Sentinel Active is strong, whilst being waterproof to a 3,000mm HH rating, ensuring great quality and performance coupled with compact pack sizes

Suitable for the following:

  • Stanford II 850XL
  • Avington II 500
  • Avington II 600XL
  • Oakmere TC 600XL
  • Farley TC 500
  • Somerton 650XL
  • Joro 600XL
  • Joro 450
  • Aether 600XL
  • Aether 450XL
  • Osiris 500
  • Anantara III Air TC 650XL
  • Azura II Air 600XL
  • Rome Air 550XL
  • Rome Air 650XL
  • Joro Air 450
  • Joro Air 600XL
  • Tahiti II Air 850XL
  • Valencia II Air 650XL
  • Ventanas Air 650XL
  • Osiris Air 500
  • Aether Air 450XL
  • Aether Air 600XL
  • Valencia II Air 450
  • Soneva Air 450
  • Alton Air 400
  • Alton Air 500
  • Kapalua Air TC 550XL
  • Mulia Air 550XL
  • Stargrove II Air 450
  • Stargrove II Air 600XL
  • Utopia II Air TC 500
  • Stargrove II 450
  • Stargrove II 600XL
  • Winslow II 500
  • Ventanas Air TC 650XL
  • Odyssey Air 500 Villa
  • Odyssey 800
  • Purbeck 600XL
  • Tyneham 500
  • Lulworth 500
  • Capri II Air 500XL


Weight 2.85kg
Packsize L63.0 x H10.0 x W13.0cm
Pitching Time 10 mins
Replacement Main Pole 1 Code Part No - SP004 ,   Colour - ,   Quantity - 1,  


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