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How-To: Replacing an AirBeam Tube

Need to replace on of your AirBeam tubes? Look no further! Check out our quick and easy steps, and take a look at our demonstration video of how to remove and insert a beam back into the sleeve and tent :)

Follow the below steps to ensure you are replacing your AirBeam tube in the easiest way possible:

Step 1: Unzip outer beam sleeve until completely open.

Step 2: Remove the beam from the sleeve.

TIP: It may be more convenient to take this out of the tent into an open space, depending on the size of beam. This will give you enough room to comfortably lay out the beam to make unzipping the sleeve easier.

Step 3: Completely unzip the inner beam sleeve.

Step 4: Remove the inner tube from the sleeve and carefully pull the AirBeam valve through the sleeve socket.


Once these steps have been carried out you may either wish to:

  1. Repair the inner tube using the kit supplied with your tent.

  2. Or replace this with a new tube.


To replace the tube:

Step 1: Roll out tube flat on the ground parallel to the inner sleeve.

Step 2: Insert the tube into the sleeve.

TIP: Move from one end of the inner sleeve to the other, carefully placing the beam in place. This ensures there is no excess tube bundled up throughout the sleeve.

Step 3: Secure the valve into the socket.

TIP: Avoid twisting the AirBeam tube when inserting into inner sleeve. This will ensure that during inflation, there is no blockage or mis-shape of the beam.

Step 4: Pull the remaining tube through the loop at the end of the sleeve.

Step 5: Zip the inner sleeve.

TIP: Make sure the end of the beams are against the groundsheet when inserting to the tent sleeve. This will make the beam even throughout your tent.

Step 6: Zip the inner tube to into the tent sleeve, carefully pushing through the valve at the required area.

Check out our hands-on demonstration HERE to see exactly how it's done!

If you need to purchase a new replacement tube, these can be found HERE

More information about maintenance & repairs please visit our FAQ's landing page HERE

We hope this helps and happy camping !!

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