Alpine lt series 1 & 2 2 & 2+ HELIUM UL XENON UL 3 & 3+ alpine SERIES arete 2 Vango Adventurer Malte Kamrath Summits the 4,634m Dufourspitze erebus makalu 2 EXPEDITION SERIES MTN 2 XPD 3 The Dufourspitze is the second highest mountain in the Alps. Kamrath explains his route to the top… We are at the Monte Rose hut at 2,883m, the afternoon before our planned ascent to the Dufourspitze summit and receive some devastating news: “The fixed ropes are out! Last summer, there was a rock fall and since then the northern pass (Silbersattel) is no longer viable.” We need to change our ascent route and decide to take our F10 XPD3 with us up to 3,300m. It will act as our basecamp and offers excellent protection against the elements. We set camp surrounded by the Dufourspitze, Liskamm, Pollux, Castor, Breithorn and Matterhorn - the perfect bedroom panorama. The ascent starts at 5:00 am, the sun has not yet cleared the horizon and it is damn cold. At 8:45 am we arrive at the ski depot and prepare for the summit ridge: a 350m vertical on the exposed ridge, with climbing and abseiling phases. The climb itself is difficult: every 20 metres a short pause and deep breaths - at almost 4,400m altitude, every step is a challenge. After 3h 45min we are on the last metres to the summit 4,634m. The view is breath-taking and now the surrounding peaks no longer tower over us; as we reach the summit they are at our feet. In 2018 will be tackling the 6,190m Denali, so the ascent of Dufourspitze has been a taster of things to come. We know we can move forward with Vango by our side. Thanks to my mountain partners: Ralf, Matthias and Carola. FOR TENT SPECIFICATIONS, PLEASE SEE THE FOLD-OUT TENT MAP AT THE BACK OF THIS BROCHURE