PULSAR PRO 200 & 300 The Pulsar Pro trekking tent is a three poled tunnel ideal for gear intensive activities such as kayaking or cycling, whilst still being light enough for trekking. TOTAL WEIGHT: 200: 3.42kg 300: 3.87kg PACKED: 200: 48 x Ø16cm 300: 48 x Ø17cm PITCHING TIME: 7 mins HALO PRO 200 & 300 Halo Pro is a semi-geodesic tent which makes it ideal for pitching on hard ground and rough terrain due to of its self-supporting, freestanding structure. TOTAL WEIGHT: 200: 3.66kg 300: 4.2kg PACKED: 200: 48 x Ø19cm 300: 50 x Ø21cm PITCHING TIME: 12 mins METEOR PRO 200 & 300 Meteor Pro features TBS® II and Gothic Arch poles, which add stability, increase the run off for snow and rain and reduce the amount of stress across the poles. TOTAL WEIGHT: 200: 2.75kg 300: 2.87kg PACKED: 200: 43 x Ø15cm 300: 50 x Ø15cm PITCHING TIME: 5 mins TENT TECHNOLOGY EXPLAINED Ripstop flysheet Constructed with a rip stop weave, our Trek Pro flysheets will stop any tears spreading both minimising the impact of the damage and making it quicker and easier to repair. Gothic Arch Increases strength and stability in adverse conditions while encouraging water/snow run-off from the flysheet. Venturi Vent System Reduces condensation by drawing trapped air in the porch out as wind flows through the vent. Fresh air then moves through the vents at the rear of the tent to replace this creating a fresh flow of air through the tent. Find the Venturi Vent System on our Tempest Pro models. FastPack Tent bag Oversized opening for easy packing and compression straps to reduce pack size. Identical poles Quick to pitch 2 pole design