BANSHEE PRO 200 & 300 A Vango institution, the Banshee Pro balances weight, pack size and living space perfectly, to provide a fantastic trekking and wild camping tent. TOTAL WEIGHT: 200: 2.4kg 300: 2.8kg PACKED: 200: 47 x Ø18cm 300: 48 x Ø19cm PITCHING TIME: 7 mins TEMPEST PRO 200 & 300 A core model in the Trek Pro range, Tempest Pro is ideal for wild camping and multi-day trekking, with the Venturi Vent System to keep a fresh flow of air through the tent. TOTAL WEIGHT: 2.85kg/3.52kg PACKED: 200:46 x Ø15cm 300: 48 x Ø18cm PITCHING TIME: 10 mins BLADE PRO 100 & 200 The compact size and single pole, hoop construction make Blade Pro a simple and quick tent to pitch. TOTAL WEIGHT: 100: 1.82kg 200: 2.1kg PACKED: 100: 47 x Ø11cm 200: 47 x Ø12cm PITCHING TIME: 8 mins Single pole tent TBS® II technology Porch groundsheet Venturi Vent System ZENITH PRO 100 , 200 & 300 The Zenith Pro is perfect for those backpacking and trekking, utilising a lightweight, single hooped design which features TBS® II for extra stability. TOTAL WEIGHT: 100: 1.76kg 200: 2.2kg 300: 2.85 PACKED: 100: 35 x Ø13cm 200: 47 x Ø12cm 300: 47 x Ø15cm PITCHING TIME: 7 mins Part mesh inner door TBS® II technology