Safety in mind? We are ISO 5912 approved All Vango DofE Recommended tents and sleeping bags surpass the international ISO requirements for safety, performance and fitness for use of camping equipment. Vango tent materials are fire retardant, exceeding the European EN5912 safety standard and are weather tested beyond the European standard EN5912 by certified test centre. XD: POLE FIRST AID KIT We are proud of the quality and construction of our tents however, in the great outdoors a pole break can happen to even the most experienced camper using the best of equipment. For this reason, we have included a Pole First Aid Kit in each of our XD tents which should see you through a breakage until you can make it back to the kit store. With it you will receive: 1x Emergency pole repair sleeve & 1x spare pole section. Simply slip the emergency repair sleeve over the fracture or brake in the pole for a quick and effective fix until you have time to repair the pole section properly using your spare pole section supplied in the kit. Broken pole Pole repair sleeve Temporary repair Spare pole for permenant repair 1 2 3 4