BANSHEE XD 300 Banshee XD balances pack weight, pack size and durability perfectly, to provide a fantastic trekking and wild camping tent that’s made for high volume usage. TOTAL WEIGHT: 2.4kg/2.8kg PACKED: 47 x Ø18cm/48 x Ø19cm PITCHING TIME: 7 mins OMEGA XD 350 Ideal for youth groups and adventurers on longer expeditions. With 3 identical poles Omega XD is simple to pitch and easy to manage in the kit store. TOTAL WEIGHT: 5kg PACKED: 49 x Ø20cm PITCHING TIME: 12 mins HALO XD 300 The Halo XD uses a semi-geodesic construction, coupled with the robust XD specification to meet the needs of those who use their kit more intensively. TOTAL WEIGHT: 4.2kg PACKED: 50 x Ø21cm PITCHING TIME: 12 mins TBS® II technology Porch groundsheet TENT TECHNOLOGY EXPLAINED TBS II Our patented Tension Band System (TBS) increases tents performance in adverse conditions. It helps brace the pole against strong, changeable winds adding strength and stability. Adjust the system to remove the slack (but do not over tension) and stow away in calm conditions. HYDROSTATIC HEAD Water resistance is measured and expressed as hydrostatic head in millimetres (mm). This indicates the pressure of water needed to penetrate a fabric. Look out for it in our features list as: Protex® 68D 5,000mm HH ripstop flysheet. Yunan Eco Poles Superior strength, lightweight Korean made poles which have been made with acid free processing to be kinder to the environment. Identical poles Semi-geodesic self supporting structure Identical poles