CLASSIC MK3,MK4,MK5 Force Ten Classics perform exceptionally well in all kinds of weather and provide welcome respite from even the most savage conditions. The Protex® DWR Cotton flysheet gives a cooler, fresher space inside the tent and offers the ultimate in durability. TOTAL WEIGHT: MK3: 6.99kg MK4: 8.29kg Mk5: 9.99kg PACKED: MK3: 54 x Ø27cm MK4: 60 x Ø27 MK5: 74 x Ø30 PITCHING TIME: MK3: 15mins MK4: 15mins MK5: 15mins solace I,II Made from high quality, proofed polycotton canvas, the Solace tents are perfect for group camping. With removable inners and a clip in groundsheet you can adjust your living/ sleeping capacity quickly and easily making it perfect for group camps. TOTAL WEIGHT: I: 27kg II: 36kg PACKED: I: 93 x 31 x 30 II: 83 x 34 x 34 PITCHING TIME: I: 35mins II: 45mins YOUTH GROUP CLASSICS Founded in 1861 on the banks of the River Clyde, Black’s of Greenock built an undisputed reputation for using quality materials and making durable products that last; values that continue throughout our tents to this day. A former sailor, Thomas Black crafted hardy sails that would withstand continued use in the toughest sea conditions. This expertise, working with fabric that would be exposed to the worst weather, gave Black’s of Greenock the optimum skills required to make durable canvas tents and shelters. Today our tents incorporate traditional fabric and techniques to ensure the highest quality and maximum longevity.