‘Vango is the go to brand for our DofE expeditions. I have decades of experience with their products, and I rely on them wholeheartedly.’ We are one of the leading Approved Activity Providers of DofE Expeditions in the UK and we’ve been proudly using Vango kit for decades. Vango is a brand that is synonymous with DofE and one that understands what’s required of expedition kit. Vango’s research and design team work closely with outdoor experts, ambassadors and DofE leaders, ensuring their kit is the ideal combination of user led features and high-quality design making them the logical choice for our expeditions. It’s not just the kit we love about Vango; it’s the ethos. Vango Spares & Repairs is a unique service in the outdoor industry. I have peace of mind when on expedition that if participants were to rip a fly, break a pole or burst a sleeping bag zip, Vango Spares & Repairs can fix and return it to us at minimum cost. It’s a nice bonus that they also recycle everything that cannot be reused which fits with our own values too. I am highly impressed with my fleet of Vango DofE equipment. Each year they lead the way for DofE kit for design, price point and function. Vango is my go to brand for DofE expeditions and will be for many years to come – that’s why I’m proud to call myself a Vango Ambassador Sam Sykes Director, Sam Sykes Ltd & Vango Ambassador Sam Sykes: Vango Lead the Way in Expedition Kit