Series 25 (3-4 people) Series 27 (1-2 people) Ultralight aluminum Conducts heat efficiently and evenly Strong, robust and light COOK SET Boils 1L water in 10mins (approx.) SPIRIT BURNER Boils 1L water in 7mins (approx.) GEL BURNER Use with 25 & 27 cook sets KETTLE Available as 0.5L or 1L FUEL BOTTLE Multi disk Simmer ring Pan handle ACCESSORIES Available for 25 & 27 cook sets BAG Boils 1L water in 4mins (approx.) GAS BURNER Available with hard-anodised alloy or non-stick pans Frying Pan/Lid Pans Upper Windshield Meths Burner (Shown) Gas & Multi-Fuel Burners available as accessories Lower Windshield Packed Unit Trangia has been the natural choice for outdoor enthusiasts, young and old, all over the world for over 90 years. With a compact nesting system, the entire cook system packs into one complete unit including all of the pots and pans, both windshields and burner for easy storage. UL: Ultralight Aluminium - 50% stronger than standard aluminium, light and highly conductive of heat. HA: Hard Anodised Aluminium - Extremely hard wearing and lightweight but easier to clean than UL. NS: Non-stick pans and frypans - Extremely easy to clean but use only wooden or plastic utensils to protect the surface. Trangia FEATURES • Lightweight and hardwearing • Stacks into one complete unit • Safe and stable on uneven ground •  Less affected by wind and altitude than gas stoves •  Each component can be individually replaced if lost or damaged for easy kit store management