TechNOLOGY Thermal-Reverb Aluminised layer reflects radiated body heat back to the user for maximum warmth. Thermal Embrace Allows the sleeping bag to gently conform close to the body while reducing cold spots.  Omega Shaping Engineered to position zips and seams in the lower section of the bag to reduce heat loss. Ergonomically shaped to fit around head and shoulders for improved heat retention.  Hydro-barrier down Premium 90/10 700 fill power duck down stays drier four times longer than untreated down. CONSTRUCTION Off-set double layer construction Off-set seams prevent cold spots at the stitching lines for a warmer night’s sleep.  Trilateral construction The independently floating layer of insulation is not compressed by stitching, which reduces cold spots and increases core temperature.  Box wall construction Down filling is contained in box shaped baffles for maximum loft and to maintain an even distribution of down from head to toe. INSULATION  Ethically sourced down Humanely collected from birds that have not been subject to any unnecessary harm. Down is incredibly warm and has the best warmth to weight ratio available but is harder to look after, particularly in damp environments.  4T synthetic insulation This innovative, synthetic insulation fibre has exceptional warmth to weight ratio by trapping air in its patented channel structure for a warmer rating at very low pack size.  Insulite™ Helix A blend of hollow and multi-channel fibres which regulate temperature and transfer moisture away from the user. The fibres compress to a small size giving effective insulation whilst keeping overall weight low. Single hole siliconised hollow fibre insulation Maximises lofting potential for extra warmth and retains loft in damp conditions. SLEEPING BAG TECHNOLOGY, INSULATION & CONSTRUCTION EXPLAINED TRILATERAL