NEMESIS PRO 300 Nemesis Pro has a classic geodesic construction with 5 crossover nodes for free standing all-season stability, increased further by the use of Gothic Arch poles on the porch structure. TOTAL WEIGHT: 300: 4.35kg PACKED: 300: 47 x Ø17cm PITCHING TIME: 15 mins 370 190 115 170 220 105 MIRAGE PRO 200 & 300 Mirage Pro is a semi-geodesic tent which makes it ideal for pitching on hard ground and rough terrain because of its self-supporting, freestanding structure. TOTAL WEIGHT: 200: 2.2kg 300: 2.85kg PACKED: 200: 35 x Ø13cm 300: 47 x Ø12cm PITCHING TIME: 7 mins TENT CONSTRUCTION EXPLAINED HOOP Hoop tents are often favoured by solo or smaller parties going long distance as they are very light weight and quick to pitch. Make sure you find a good piece of ground to camp on though as you will need to guy these tents out to pitch them. Most of our hoop tents have TBS to add stability should you be caught in bad weather or side winds. Tunnel Quick and easy to pitch, tunnel tents are great for camping on good pitches where you can guy out comfortably. Tunnel tents offer a great space to weight ratio so perfect for multi-day treks or group outings. Look out for pre-angled/Gothic Arch poles and TBS II which adds strength to our tunnel tents for strength in adverse conditions. Semi-geodesic Semi-geodesic tents have 3 crossover points in their structure making them extra stable in adverse conditions. A great mid-way between tunnel tents and fully geodesic; semi- geodesic tents are free standing and strong, yet lighter, than a fully geodesic option. Fully geodesic One of the strongest constructions in tent design, fully geodesic tents have 5 crossover points in the pole structure making it extremely strong and stable regardless of the conditions. They are freestanding and so can be pitched almost anywhere and have double porch/entry points for extra storage and entry/exit away from the direction of the wind. Twin door & porch Semi-geodesic design Multi-function door