HOW TO REPLACE AN AIRBEAM Although it’s a very rare occurrence for an AirBeam® to become damaged, it does happen from time to time. If you find yourself with a leaky beam, don’t panic! It’s relatively simple to replace, akin to replacing the inner tube of a bicycle wheel. Unzip tent sleeve and remove entire AirBeam® Insert the new tube, lining up the valves and making sure it doesn’t twist. Unzip AirBeam® and remove inner tube. Replace AirBeam® and zip up the sleeve. Simple as that! Although all AirBeam® tents come with a patch kit included, we recommend buying a spare tube to keep in your tent bag, just in case of emergencies and to prevent ruining your camping trip. Simply ask your nearest retailer about purchasing a spare AirBeam® tube or visit scan qr code for a video tutorial, or visit for more information