43 bamboo table set bamboo pitcher & 4 cups bamboo 470ml coffee mug bamboo kids set 1.6L Stainless Steel kettle 2L Stainless Steel kettle Stay stylish on the campsite with Vango’s new Bamboo tableware, ideal for all your camping meals. Sold as single units or full 2 & 4 person sets. Ideal for family meals, the Vango Bamboo Pitcher and 4 Cup Set is perfect for on the campsite or in the garden at home. Great for taking on all of your camping trips for your daily morning coffee fix or even the journey to your destination. The Kids Animal set is lightweight and durable, perfect for your little one. Product Weight: 360g Packed: 18 x 17 x 15cm Product Weight: 405g Packed: 19 x 19 x 17cm Kitchenware The perfect addition to your camping equipment, taking care of all of your kitchen needs. Essentials