4 Vango’s Sentinel Active 70 fabric offers a strong and lightweight material, while providing a compact pack size, ideal for your trips away. This 70 denier polyester fabric also remains highly waterproof and resilient. With over five decades of experience in creating the ideal material for our ranges, you will always feel comfortable and dry with our awning fabric technology. The success of our pioneering Vango AirBeam® Technology allowed us to develop the Vango AirSpeed® valve system to make using your AirBeam® awning even easier, eliminating the need to screw or unscrew a cap. Equally the Vango AirSpeed® valve is positioned in a more convenient location for inflating and deflating. Featuring 420 denier double ripstop threads, our Sentinel Pro fabric has superior strength and long-lasting durability, combined with PU technical coatings make Sentinel Pro exceptional in terms of waterproofness. sentinel active 70 sentinel pro 420 fabric technology Airspeed® technology QUICK TIP Top of the cap can be used as a key for cold, gloved, wet or less nimble fingers STEP 5 To deflate the AirBeam® (remove the cap) press and turn the button from CLOSED to OPEN STEP 3 Inflate the AirBeam® to 7-8psi STEP 1 To inflate remove the locking cap STEP 2 If starting with the valve in the OPEN position - turn the button to CLOSED before inflating. Alternatively turn the adaptor fully until it clicks. STEP 4 Replace cap on valve and turn to locked position