22 all caravan awnings supplied with: 1 3 7 2 4 8 Rear supporting poles & foam draught excluder pads Foam draught excluder pads fit against the caravan to reduce draughts and create a neat fit. Storm straps Provides secure guying at the front of the awning. Steel rock pegs & mallet Strong, durable and can be used on more challenging terrain. Bracer beams Provides added stability to the awnings. Double action pump Rapidly inflates your AirAwning® . Complete with pressure dial. PVC draught skirt & 2 x wheel arch covers Prevents draughts from under the caravan, coming into the awning. ‘Wide-mouth’ carry bag with compression straps Allows for easy packing. SkyTrack™ II system Ideal for hanging lights and storage as well as keeping any attached cables tidy. 6 5