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Inflatable Caravan Air Awnings - Vango AirAwnings®

Caravan Air Awnings with Vango AirBeam® technology.

Inflatable caravan air awnings are quick and easy to set up, taking all the stress out of set up when you arrive on site. Vango AirAwnings® take only minutes to set up and seconds to deflate when packing up, helping to make your holiday even more relaxing. These superior quality awnings benefit from Vango's experience and heritage, offering unrivalled performance with premium design.

New for 2017


The new Sonoma caravan awning expands our luxury AirAwning® range for 2017. Featuring Vango's SuperBeams™ create extra headroom and more internal space than the standard beam, and featuring our Sentinel Pro 420 fabric provides superior strength and waterproofness against the elements. Not only does the Sonoma have a handy overhang at the front door, but it is also compatible with an annex, which can be easily attached or detached and creates an additional bedroom or storage room. The Sonoma is a welcome addition to the side of your caravan and provides a home from home next to your caravan

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AirAwnings® Tried & Tested Technology

Vango AirBeams® are pre-attached beams encased in a highly robust, double-skinned sleeve system that create a stable structure when inflated to provide excellent weather resistance. Recognising the universal need to save time and effort without compromising on performance, Vango designers have applied their extensive knowledge and experience of this AirBeam® technology to develop superior awnings for caravans.

For resources and further information visit the Vango AirBeam® support page here >>

Caravan AirAwning® Set Up

  • The awnings have an easy-to-inflate AirBeam® structure, supplied with a double action pump for rapid inflation.
  • Loops at the end of Kador strips aid threading when attaching the awning to the caravan and can be hooked to pads (supplied) to minimise movement of the awning along the rail in strong winds.

  • Foam pads are supplied to fit neatly against the caravan and reduce draughts. Each foam pad mounts onto a size-tolerant gusset to allow for varying caravan heights and differing ground angles.

  • Adjustable pegging system. Steel Rock Pegs supplied, suitable for "hard standing" caravan pitches.

Caravan AirAwnings® are supplied with:

  • Foam draught excluder pads
  • Storm straps for stability
  • Awning bracing beams (front & roof)
  • Rear supporting poles
  • PVC draught caravan skirt
  • Steel Rock Pegs for hard-standing pitches
  • Caravan wheel arch cover x 2
  • Double action AirBeam® pump
  • Over-sized awning carry bag, with compression straps for ease of packing

Caravan Air Awning Additions

We have a host of additions to go with our caravan awnings - Including Annex, Bedroom, Carpet, Footprint, Storm Straps and Side Mesh Doors.

Check out our blog on what optional additions are available for your Vango AirAwning >>

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